AJ Lakes Mentoring Programme is a results focused programme taking you on an incredible journey of learning, discovering opportunities and creating own successes whilst living them with lots of Action and Accountability sessions keeping Clarity, Focus, Vision and Drive.

AJ Lakes Mentoring Programme will help you add structure, create great daily habits to success, easy to implement planning, tools and techniques whilst helping you to improve organisation in your life and your business and give you the ability to connect with like-minded business owners and managers with Peer to Peer Support.

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The first month will bring defining YOUR Mission, Vision, Ethics and Values – the foundation to all businesses.

In month 7, as part of the budgeting schedule, Alison covers ‘How to budget’ as part of the Mentoring Programme and you have an opportunity to upgrade to a one-to-one in-depth Budget Building Session where Alison will support you to build an operating budget for your business.

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The AJ Lakes Mentoring Programme includes:

  • 1:1 30 Minute introductory session with Alison to define your clear goals and objectives
  • Group zoom peer to peer sessions once a month
  • Access to AJ Lakes Training Academy programmes and courses on a step by step basis (subject to upgrade)
  • Time for Me (TFM) Meeting additions to your diary – learning the art of non-negotiables to keep your oxygen mask on fully
  • Create a work / life balance template and a Rapid Planning Method.
  • Access to 6 great daily habit lessons with easy to implement systems and assistance to achieve daily
  • Access to the AJ Lakes Mentoring Group.
  • Access to AJ Lakes easy to implement tools and templates to help you on your way.
  • Monthly lessons unlocked to help you to achieve each goal in your business
  • Vision Board of goals and objectives
  • Action / Review Plan / Gantt chart of goal setting and date to achieve.