New Manager's Guide to Success


Elevate Leadership Excellence:
A New Manager’s Guide to Success

Elevate Leadership Excellence:   A New Manager’s Guide to Success is a results focused program for your new management team and contains all modules.  It’s not theory based – it’s real example led.

Having been a Hotel General Manager at 21 years old,  Alison Magee-Barker totally understands and knows only too well the challenges faced by new young manager’s, and has developed strategies and resources to overcome and sail through those challenges.  It doesn’t matter what age a manager is, a new manager going into a new role will face very similar challenges, and so this course is for new managers of all ages.

We complete a half day introduction session to get things started with clear goals for each manager, individual action plans and a SWOT analysis which they will also complete with their teams.  We will then go through each module as a workshop and practice it within the operation and report back in a peer to peer experience using the GROW model so each person can share their experiences and learn from each other whilst implementing what they are gaining from the program.  This will be completed on a monthly basis, but can be adapted to your time scale.

Price – £998 per person, minimum of six managers including 1:1 Action Plan and Performance Review)


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  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Team dynamics & collaboration
  • Goal setting & performance management
  • Time management & prioritisation
  • Decision making & problem solving
  • Communication excellence

  • Peer to peer sessions
  • 1:1 Power hour
  • Emotional intelligence in leadership
  • Self awareness & self-regulation
  • Change mangement & adaptability
  • Effective delegation
  • Continuous learning & professional development
  • Mission, Vision, Ethics & Values