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“For the past 30 years I have lived and breathed the hospitality trade, working all areas of this amazing industry, enjoying the buzz it brings and the diversity you endure on a day to day basis.”

Monthly Retainer Packages

Gold Package

£150.00 per month

Includes 1 hour media channels checking and research, plus bullet point email to be sent with results and actions.

Diamond Package

£250.00 per month

Includes 1 hour media channels checking and research plus updated action plan and guidance – including tool kit reminder and checker.

A 30 minute Skype or telephone call is offered to talk you, or your team, through each area.

Platinum Package

£350.00 per month

Includes 1 hour media channels checking and research, booking engine check, assistance and access to ensure you are on track to exceed your monthly budgets and ideas.

Support on how to manage your sales, marketing and PR activities to benefit a further increase.

A 1 hour Skype or telephone call is offered to talk to either you or your team as back up support and guidance.

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All monthly retainer packages are paid in arrears

Daily Rates

Gold Package
Do it yourself

£698.00 per day

Business Diagnostic and Action Plan.

Research and strategy planning is how this package works.

Gain information on what actions are needed to improve your business with Alison.

Gain information and foundations and create a basic action plan to follow with clear goals and objectives to meet.

Diamond Package
Do it with you

£998.00 per day

Business Strategy Planning / Coaching with Alison

Alison will work with you on building a strategy and project plan giving you quick fix ideas, tips and advice to improve your business in the timescale, drawing from over 30 years of hospitality, business knowledge, skills and experience.

Action plan to follow and clear goals to achieve with assistance how to complete them including a 30 minute strategy call to keep you on track agreed on the day.

Platinum Package
Done for you

£1498.00 per day

1 : 1 Business “hands on” implementation day with Alison

Creating bespoke tools, templates and procedures and training to use efficiently within your business to ensure you and your management team can run your business and achieve the success you desire.

Detailed In depth Bespoke Action Plan to work with clear goals to achieve on an ongoing basis. A complimentary 1 hour strategy call if you require to keep you on track and to be agreed on the day.

Locked Out competition – I will not work with your direct competition within your area.

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Daily rates do not include travel and subsistence (approx. 10am – 5pm or times to suit your business)

Compare Packages

Daily Investment £698.00 £998.00 £1498.00
Monthly Retainer
Investment upon completion of Package Support
£150.00 £250.00 £350.00
Gold Package
Diamond Package
Platinum Package
Basic Diagnostic Action Plan
Goals & Objectives Setting (including starting point setting)
1:1 Consultancy
Detailed Step by step process Diagnostic Action Plan
Booking Engine Diagnostic and how to use it more effectively
Access to AJ Lakes tool kit
Bi-Monthly Check in Call for Accountability & Guidance
1:1 Coaching & Mentoring
Lock Out Direct Competition within your area
Reasonable Back-up Telephone Contact Support
Complimentary Access to online lessons (subject to availability)
Complimentary Access to online webinars (subject to availability)
1:1 Hands on Implementation
Tools & Templates Implementation & Training throughout the team.
Policies & Procedures Implementation & Training
Monthly 1:1 telephone or skype call
Monthly business research & analysis check
Bi Monthly Personal & Professional improvement for you and your teams in small groups

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New Business StartUp Package*

Whether you are new to business or a seasoned operator, you need to make sure your new business is given the best advantage possible, having the most robust foundations to ensure your new business exceeds expectations.

*Price on Application subject to availability
Half day rates can be arranged subject to availability

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The AJ Lakes New Business Startup Package includes

  • A viability study
  • A clear business plan,
  • Budget
  • Clear brand introduction and brief including your ideal client
  • Market analysis
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Standards of operation
  • Assistance with recruitment for your ideal team.

AJ Lakes Online Support

Access to learning, tasks, tools, templates and techniques
From £99.00 per month.

Templates and instructions
From £199.00 for basic templates.

Business planning and operating budgets
Dependant on project from £2000.00

From £99.00 per person
(Minimum 6 people) Full prices will be displayed when available.

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Examples of workshops include:

  • Understanding Hospitality Finance for the Management Team
  • Easy to introduce social media within your operation with tools and templates to achieve engaging success.
  • Understanding your ideal client and how to use your media channels to reach and engage with them.
  • Food Cost Control including menu costings for success.
  • Liquor Cost Control including menu costings for success.
  • Creating an operating hospitality budget for beginners and how to communicate to your team.
  • How to exceed your operating budget and what tools, templates and techniques you can use to produce your ideal revenue and profit
  • How to use TripAdvisor to your advantage.
  • Creating your ideal client and how to use the information within your business communication.

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