Smashing Your Goals Workshop

This workshop will make a positive difference to your business, or your money back!




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28 March

at J36 North West Auctions Conference Centre


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Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution and shortly after broken it?

Maybe you have set goals in your business and found that at the end of the year you didn’t achieve all the goals you set and you carry them over and hope to achieve them next year?

What if I told you that 2023 is going to be your year – the year you not only achieve your goals but exceed them.  The year you are able to break down all the barriers and let your ambition flow to higher levels?

If you are ready to achieve and exceed your goals for 2023 would you agree with me that you will need to do something different?  You see if nothing changes, nothing changes?

Don’t miss out on getting ahead with your plans and goals for 2023.

This is the first time that the Smashing My Goals Workshop has been offered to the public.  It is a workshop that helps busy business owners, managers and entrepreneurs to bring clarity, focus, vision and drive to achieve and exceed your goals for 2023.

This workshop is not to be missed if you have ever been one of the 95% of business owners, managers and entrepreneurs who set a goal / New Year’s Resolution, then look back and realise you haven’t achieved them.  This workshop is for business owners, managers and entrepreneurs who say “I haven’t achieved my goals due to a lack of Time / Energy / Staff / Money / Confidence.”

You will gain the secret recipe that helps the top 5% of business owners, managers and entrepreneurs to achieve and exceed their goals each year.

So if 2023 is your year for achieving and exceeding your goals for 2023 then book this

Smashing My Goals Workshop

Not to be missed!


What will you Get?

12 months easy to implement templates with 3 months completed, so you can implement them immediately in your business and in your life and you can use them again and again to keep you on track.
Plus the following:-

Mindmap of your ideal work / life goals for 2023
Your own Business Model Canvas
Top Level Business Financial Budget / Forecast.

Sales and Marketing Strategy with 3 months completed.

The tools to deal with your blocks, guilt, fear helping you to focus the brain and to visualise your future.

SWOT Analysis of yourself and a template to use with your team.

Action / Review Plan for goals as a roadmap with easy-to-implement and complete steps/tasks to complete.

Gantt Chart / Scheduler of your choice.

Digital tools and templates.

Smashing My Work / Life Goals Journal to Success and Freedom by Alison Magee-Barker to keep you on track.

Colour Your Way to Calm Book by Helen Goad

You will leave with a clear roadmap on how to achieve and exceed your goals in 2023 with the first 3 months detailed and ready to complete.


Will run from 9am – 5pm.

Who is it for?

YOU to make 2023 your year!


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