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Happy Friday, everybody.

It’s #FAQFriday live from the side of Windermere.

And this week’s frequently asked question… And it’s actually come from a number of different organisations whose owners or managers are actually on burnout at the moment. And I relate to that, we all relate to it, everybody at some point in their lives relates to burnout.

And it can be brought on by a number of things, including work life balance being completely off, under Pressure, deadlines, you name it. Or trying to do it all yourself being an operator, not the owner. So, what does that mean?

Well, it’s quite interesting that when you are consistently operating in the business as an operator… So you’re managing the business, you’re actually working in the business, because you’ve not got the staff or you’ve not got somebody who you can rely on or, or maybe you don’t like, giving empowering other people to be able to run your business as well as you do. And there is a lot of that about it is quite fascinating.

But what happens with burnout, is it actually really causes stress your body to go under pressure, it can cause distress, disease, you name it.

So how do you get out of being in burnout? This is the question that I’m consistently asked, if someone’s under pressure, and I say, “Well, how’s this serving you? Is it something that you quite happy with?” And then it’s the thought process,

But you’ve got to be aware, a lot of people are not aware that they’re living in burnout at the moment, that they are living under pressure, and then not having a work / life balance, or, as I call it, #TFM. Time for me. Which is really important.

My time for me is normally swimming in the lake behind me. And I’ll be going in later on.

But what can you do? So, what can you do to mitigate the risk of burnout mitigate the risk of getting stressed? Disease? Tired? No energy, because you’re not going to be a really healthy person if you’re in all those situations.

So how can you alleviate this? Well, first of all, you’ve got to take a break. If you’re feeling that you are in burnout or stressed or under pressure, take a break from work, take a day off or try and work in a short vacation to recharge your batteries.

Because if you’re not healthy, you’re not going to be able to continue what you’re doing. My big thing is is making sure that you train and develop as an owner, train and develop your team so that you are not solely responsible for everything in your organisation because that is something that will literally be the chokehold of your business if you’re an owner of your business. If only you can do all the elements of your business you’re the chokehold of your business and that is not a place to go.

Set clear boundaries between work and personal life, put it in your diary, your personal stuff, because nine times out of 10, if you don’t, it doesn’t get done, so you don’t put your #TFM, like my TFM for swimming in the lake. And or time with your loved ones create a schedule that allows you to have time for yourself doing what you really love.

Really ask yourself what is it that you really love doing and time for your loved ones as well because that’s what helps to make you happy, and recharges your batteries, and prioritise self care.

Make sure you’re taking time to care for yourself. Eat healthy foods exercise regularly. Get enough sleep, not many of us do that. Engage in activities that bring you joy, and drink lots of water. If you don’t drink lots of water, your body starts to dehydrate and and it doesn’t it doesn’t bode well for your cells in your body to heal.

But obviously taking care of yourself and making priorities is vitally important.

And learn to say “no” and don’t take on too much work or responsibilities that you you can’t handle. Learn to say “no” when you need to and train and develop your team so that they can be empowered; they’ll be happier as a result. And if you can’t train them, get someone like myself to come in and train and develop your team, and seek support. Talk to a trusted friend or colleague about how you’re feeling.

Consider meditating, or whatever you find to be helpful to manage stress and prevent burnout. It’s so important that whether you go to see a therapist or whether you get some help from an external source, or whether you get a consultant coach or trainer to come in, and actually take the pressure off you it is far worth it. Because if you’re not healthy, and you’re not well, you’re not going to be able to take your business to the next level.

And then change your environment where possible. I love being in my new office. I love working away in there, but I actually go for a walk in between. I come here and come in, enjoy some time out, it’s really important.

So make changes to work environment that can reduce stress, and improve your wellbeing, look at your team and see if there’s anything you could do for them. And it could just include work, you’re just in your workload, or schedule or change new job if necessary.

Lots of people say, “hold on a minute, Alison. What are you talking about?” but have a look at what you can change on all your external areas to help and support you. Because it’s so vital that right now, more than ever, with all the outside influences that can affect you negatively that you look after yourself.

So I hope that’s helped. Having a work life balance is really important. It improves your health and wellbeing, it improves your mental health, your physical health; it actually helps you to enjoy working, working relationships, but it also enjoys relationships in general with your family, your friends, your loved ones. And and it helps build healthy relationships.

You’re not as pressured or, or angry or, or as upset, and it helps improve your productivity and creative creativity. It helps you to really focus on what you’re doing, I sometimes come down to the lake and actually come up with a mind map of what where the business is going. And I do a lot of going at one with nature to do that. It helps you with personal growth and helps you with happiness, and fulfilment work / life balance. So really have a look at it.

I hope that’s helped and supported you as always, we’re here

Keep an eye on my website, lots of new things happening at the moment. But we’re here to help and support you remember to #TFM, like the duck behind me, all the ducks behind me, they’re coming. #TFM time for me, enjoy. Enjoy every element of your life. You know, life’s too short at the best of times, but don’t make it any shorter, and look after yourself.

And don’t forget to get in touch if you just want a quick call, or do an introductory call for 20 minutes. Or if you want a strategy session where we can help to transform where you are right now to where you’d like to be. We have strategy calls from an hour to two hours or all day rate. So get in touch and come in and talk to me, and I’ll help and support you get on the right track so that you’re a healthier, happier person and your business is healthier and happier to take care.

Thank you. Bye bye

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