Smashing your Goals in 2023 #FAQFriday

Happy Friday, everybody.

It’s #FAQFriday. And I hope you’ve had a fabulous Christmas at this great festive time, but we’re leading up to the new year.  So, we’re here in the tartan.  All excited.  And I’m here to help you get ready for your new year’s resolutions on your goal settings along the way.

So Happy Friday, everybody.  And what is happening?  What’s the frequently asked question this Friday?

Well, we’re looking at setting goals ready for the year ahead.  2023 is just around the corner, and the new year’s resolutions and goal setting is upon us for lots of business owners and manager.  But also for every single one of us who’s looking to set some goals for the year ahead and create our Year’s Resolutions.

So what are the top things we should be doing?

So, first of all, decide what your goals are.  What goals do you really want to achieve this year, and how do you do that?  I get asked that a lot.  So, mindmap some ideas, some things that you’ve always wanted to achieve, and you’ve put off, maybe you’ve had these goals on an ongoing circle every single year that “yes, we’ll do it next year.  We’ll do it next year”.  And then ten years later, we’re still, “we’re gonna do it next year”.

And that happens a lot.  Did you know that 95% of business owners 95% of people actually set goals and don’t achieve every single one of them?  And are you one of those people?  These are the questions you need to ask.

So, mindmap your ideas and write them down.  What do you want to achieve this year?

And remember, we overestimate what we can do in a year but underestimate what we can do in 10 years.  So, what do you want to achieve this year?  Mindmap.

Define your goals and create them as SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound).

Set deadlines and make sure that those deadlines are non-negotiable, then do a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) on you on whether you can achieve those goals on your own or whether you need help and support.

What weaknesses do you have?   Think about who could help you to achieve your goals.  Who’s strengths are your weaknesses?  Can they do it quicker to help you support you?  Maybe get an expert in to help and support you.

So, if you’re wanting to, say, get fitter, who do you know who’s a fitness instructor?  It’s the same with business coaches; just saying, I am one.

Really look at what help and support you need along the way to achieve your goals for 2023.

Write your stepping stone, every single step along all the tasks in bite-sized chunks, so it’s not overwhelming.

Write them all down on an action plan.  And then, put dates on them to ensure that you achieve every single one of those steps, and then prioritise the steps or tasks in order.

If you’re working with other people, where you’re working with a team, make sure you have a project plan or platform to help and support you to work together in your teams to actually achieve those goals so that you all know what date the deadlines need to be in for.  And then diarise them, and make sure you make it public – not the diary, the actual goals and what you’re going to achieve and by what time; give it to somebody else.  Make sure you’re accountable, if you’ve not got somebody who’s a coach helping and supporting you to achieve your goals along the way.

And then the exciting bit, take action and achieve them, making sure that you’ve got non-negotiable tasks and jobs to do or actions to do every single day.  And by coming to my Smashing my Goals Workshop, it will help you do that.

My Smashing my Goals Journal will also help you do that; to achieve success and freedom.

Take one little step every day closer to your goal; just a two-millimetre shift every day will actually get the big, big goals completed by the end of the year.  Just saying, one step a day gets you 365 steps completed in the year.  Review it each week.  See how are you getting on towards your goals?

Check whether they’re SMART goals, whether they are realistic and if they can be achieved within the timeframe.  And if you are doing very well, see if you can challenge yourself to do better.  Check-in regularly and take action again.

But the beauty of it is journaling along the way because when you journal it, you’ll see how far you’ve come.  And then, make sure you celebrate.

But the biggest point of all for resolutions and goal setting is never, ever, ever give up.  Unless it’s a goal you never wanted to achieve; if so, bin it and get another goal started.  But never, ever, ever give up.

So, those are my top tips for setting your goals, but if you want to actually achieve every single goal in 2023 next year, then click on the link below for my Smashing your Goals Workshop 2023.  it is not to be missed.

We have got the amazing Helen Gould, the Anxiety Slayer, who will help and support us because she is a trained hypnotherapist and can remove those blocks, such as the guilt, the issues, and the excuses that you start to find when you’re getting close to achieving your goals, and you give up.  She’ll help you stop having that thought to give up.

So join Helen and I on the Smashing your Goals Workshop 2023 this coming year, and you will smash every single goal.  There’ll be no goal being carried forward to the year ahead; you will smash them all and achieve more.  So, click on the link below in the description, and hopefully, we’ll see you there.

Take care.

As always, I’m here to help and support you.  I

Happy New Year.  Happy New Year, everybody.

Thank you.

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