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Happy Friday, everybody. It’s #FAQFriday live from the shores of Coniston today, and what a beautiful day it is today.

Look at these gondolas, this one is just having some work done on it just over here, right there.

So this week’s frequently asked question has been quite an interesting one. Since the last #FAQFriday, last week, when I talked about #TFM (time for me), and a lot of people were quite challenged by it, I’ve got to say. Not Mental Health Awareness Week, but taking time out and taking time to be happy and do something for yourself.

A lot of people have questioned, what does that look like? What would you suggest would be a time for me or time out? And it is interesting how many people asked that question?

Well, I myself am going to be taking some time out actually going swimming in Coniston very shortly. And it’s really important that you have that space to recharge, reset and really reinvigorate yourself. It’s giving you that space to think about your business, your life and what you’re doing, and work out what makes you really happy. What makes you really giggle.

You know, I ask questions when I do speakers events. When was the last time you had a really good belly laugh, like a proper belly laugh making you giggle so hard that you’re crying. And it is always fascinating to hear the results of that, not many people tend to know what made them really, really laugh and what really makes them happy.

So #TFM is what I always put in my diary for time for me. It’s things that give me that recharge, reset, reinvigorate me, and give me the quality time for myself.

When when I was asked during the week, what would that be? I thought I’d engage key aspects of time for you, or time for me, I call it, that’s intentional. You being the priority, you being the number one.

Shedule your non negotiable, and it allows you to nurture yourself, find balance, maintain overall wellbeing in the midst of all your daily responsibilities and commitments, your busy businesses. You’ve got to carve moments out for yourself, so that you can cultivate a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

And I actually get the Wheel of Life out many times with clients. I do it when I do speakering events and when you complete it, they are always jagged and it’s not a full round wheel because we don’t often focus on making sure that we have a full rounded life.

So you can meet multimillionaires who are still not happy, no matter what they have achieved in life, and that’s all to do with having a full rounded life.

So, do that on your journey no matter what it is.

So, “what are the things that you could engage in?” was the question that was asked this week.

Well, you could get some hobbies, hobbies that are fun or personal interests and something that brings you joy, whether it’s reading, painting, playing an instrument, sport, gardening, cooking any any hobby.

Swimming is my hobby, swimming in cold water and wild water swimming. It’s really important to me.

But it could be physical self care. I know a lot of my clients use this as their non negotiable, where you prioritise activities that promote your physical well being such as exercise, going for a walk, practising yoga, meditation, gratitude, getting a massage or just taking a relaxing bath, whatever it may be.

Other elements are socialising with loved ones, you know people who you love, people who make you happy. Spend quality time with family and friends engaging in conversations that interest you, sharing experiences or simply enjoying each other’s company.

And then the other element that many people don’t do, but it’s so important, is unplug technology, unplug your devices, take breaks from it. Take breaks from your social media, and disconnect yourself. Just actually go and walk in nature barefooted, in grass, to ground yourself.

Allow yourself to be fully present in the moment, especially on days like today. It’s so beneficial and so helpful for your health and wellbeing.

Other elements are mindfulness and self reflection, allocate time, for self reflection, whether you’re doing journaling, and I published a journal late last year for this exact reason, so that you could reflect on the day, practice mindfulness, engage in activities that promote reflection, introspection, and personal growth.

Other elements are rest and relaxation, allow yourself time for restorative activities like napping, getting a good night’s sleep or simply doing nothing at all and just being. It’s important to give yourself permission to reset, recharge and rejuvenate, it’s so important your body needs it, your mind will find you, your body will find you.

And pursuing personal goals is a biggie. I tend to set myself a personal goal regularly, so that keeps me focused and it ensures I take the time out. So dedicate time to work on personal goals, whether they’re related to your career, personal development or education. And use this time to make progress towards your aspirations.

It’s so important to take your time for me and to make sure you enjoy it. Make sure you do something that makes you really ultimately happy.

I mean, you couldn’t get better than this, could you today? What an incredible, incredibly beautiful lake. And I’ll be swimming in that very shortly. But can you hear the birds? How many times do you just sit and listen to the birds?

So important.

So, write down do a mind map of what makes you happy. What makes you feel great? What makes you smile? And what makes your body and mind feel at peace? Then diarize it, put it in your diary make it a non negotiable.

So I hope that’s helped and supported you. I will be sharing these links to the people who have asked me the questions. If you’ve got any questions that you want answering on an #FAQFriday, please message me, and I’m very happy to help and support your work.

Have an amazing Friday and have a happy weekend. Take care. Thank you.

Bye, bye.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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