AJ Lakes Consultancy Celebrates third-year anniversary.


As one of Cumbria’s top hospitality specialists, we are delighted to be celebrating our third-year anniversary this month and have our sights set on a record year of sales.

AJ Lakes, an award-winning consultancy based in Windermere with Alison Magee-Barker at the helm, has reached the milestone in spite of the recent uncertainty and negative impact on the hospitality sector from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Set up in 2017 with 30 years’ experience under her belt, Alison has grown the specialist consultancy from a start-up operation to now working with hospitality and tourism clients across the UK.

Despite only being in its third year, Alison has also been called upon as the region’s expert to support the sector that has been most hit by the pandemic and pledged her time to ensure businesses revive and thrive. Alison’s online #FAQ’s Friday have seen her fast become a recognised authority providing the latest advice and guidance following government updates and legislation.

Alison said: “It is hard to believe that three years have passed already but I am delighted with everything that has been achieved during some really difficult times for the industry; and that I have been able to help those affected unravel the details and many changes to legislation so they can implement what they need to do and do it quickly.

“Like most people, I needed to take stock and re-align my business to support those who needed me the most whether that was after the severe flooding that hit the region or during the pandemic sweeping the country.  I am thrilled that those who worked with me and who took on board my advice, techniques and tools are now emerging even stronger and ready to tackle the coming winter season and I wish everyone in the industry success going forward.”

Providing support to the County to help boost the economy has seen Alison’s profile flourish over the past 12 months where she has also become a go-to expert for comment in the media and for associations and industry bodies in hospitality looking for expert guidance to support an industry that is currently de-railing day by day.

Alison added: “As well as growing my own business with new support packages and programmes, the past 12 months has allowed me to focus my attention on supporting Cumbria and the businesses that needed a third party to put the microscope on their running operation and that has been the most rewarding for me.  Many liken what I do to being the Alex Polizzi of the North and that is a title I would quite happily adopt!”

Alison is one of Cumbria’s leading voices on the travel and tourism sector.  She is also spear-heading the launch of the women’s business networking group, Pink Link Ladies in the County and will be showcasing her latest innovation project for the tourism industry at the forthcoming Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Expo event at Birmingham NEC in November.

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