Hospitality Expert Offers Support to Hospitality Businesses

In response to worrying reports of more hospitality businesses entering liquidation, our expert consultant, Alison Magee-Barker is reaching out with an offer of support to those floundering or on the verge of closure.

Alison has a proven track record of turning around hospitality venues and tourism businesses in dire situations and is urging those in that situation to seek her help before the inevitable happens as we are set to face even tighter lockdown restrictions in the UK.
Alison said: “Sadly I woke today with the heart-wrenching news that another tourism business was to close; followed by a Zoom call with colleagues who were no longer able to work and who had nowhere else to turn and I just can’t let another day go by where I wake up to news like this again.

Alison Magee-Barker

Alison Magee-Barker

“To help a sector I am so passionate about I am giving access to my online business revival course which provides the tools, techniques and 5 c’s to success, even in the most challenging of situations like we are facing now.
“The course will encourage business owners to put the microscope on their business model, adapt where necessary, be creative if necessary and use the 5 c’s of Care, Communication, Cash Flow, Content and Control as markers to build on in order to survive, thrive and emerge even stronger as a result.”

The pending announcements are not only affecting business owners but startling statistics are showing the negative impact this is also having on employees as anxiety and mental health issues have drastically increased.

Alison added: “Coincidentally it is World Mental Health Day this weekend and there has never been a more important time to recognize and reach out to those struggling. Those working in hospitality have taken more than their fair share of knocks in recent months and my concern is that if we don’t support people now, there could be long term effects all round.

“It is the perfect opportunity for hospitality businesses to collaborate and I would urge everyone to develop a mental health and wellbeing package that they can also offer to guests during the quieter winter months. By teaming up with local providers of activities such as wild lake swimming days or forest bathing fun whilst they stay with you also gives you a competitive edge whilst boosting your revenue stream.”

Concerned that there will be a Tsunami of closures, Alison is offering her business revival course as a potential saviour to hospitality businesses for just £29.70 instead of £297 as a one-off during October 2020.


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