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Happy Friday, everybody.  It’s #FAQFriday, live from my vehicle in a very wet Lake District today.

So frequently asked questions come from a number of CEOs and directors I’ve been working with across different industries this week.  And we’ve been talking about brand personality, and the big names out there do this a lot.  It’s really important. And I’m quite shocked, I guess, and surprised how many CEOs, how many directors find it incredibly uncomfortable to go in front of the camera and really showcase their brand personality.

This really carves a difference with a lot of your competition, and it’s really important to get in front of the camera.

With my brand, I am almost obsessed with making sure that what you see is what you get, whether it’s in a swimming costume going in the lake, or whether it’s in my business suit, in situ.  In clients, art conferences, exhibitions, you name it, it is what it is.

And it’s really important that you have your brand personality out there, really get yourself out there because it takes you to a whole other level.  It helps you target your audience, and it helps you to communicate and connect with your ideal client.  Align with your ethics and values, those who work with you, who want to work with you, because it’s really important to be transparent with your customers and to create brand trust.

And you get that people buy off people.  It’s really important that you showcase that you’ve got nothing to hide, you are transparent, you are open, and direct and really focus on your brand values, your ethics and values.

Communicate your story.  The number of people who are hidden behind lots of different posts on media channels and on your website, and you don’t actually showcase your story.  Why do you do what you do?  What difference do you want to bring to the world?  What is your mission and vision?

It really is becoming increasingly more important for customers to trust the brands that they buy, and align with their ethics and values.  It really actually makes a massive positive difference.

So, I would advise anybody who’s a bit nervous about going on camera, just try it a few times.

Firstly, if you’ve got a private group, try it on there first or do a few videos first while you get comfortable in uncomfortable action.

I help and support business owners, managers, directors and CEOs to actually get comfortable in uncomfortable action.  And if I can get in my coffee and swim in a very cold stormy Lake, I’m sure you can get in front of the camera.

But I was the same once upon a time.  The more you actually do it, the easier it gets.  I can categorically say that it won’t be easy at first, but it will help and support you.

So it helps you stay ahead of your competition.  It really brings the personality out of your brand.  And it and it helps you to be defined as the go-to person, especially if you’re sharing information, top tips, things like that.

But really develop your voice., develop your communication to your clients and help to promote your business and help to take your brand forward.

Exposure is really key.  I have a saying that I say to lots of my clients, “stop bitching and start pitching”.  Really get yourself out there.  You can complain about any other brand, but if you’re not exposing your brand to the outside world to your ideal client, who really needs you, how will they know about you?

It’s not about you, it’s about your clients and about you helping and supporting your clients and keep it consistent.  Brands need consistency.

There is a study that has been done by lots of brand experts, it demonstrates that if you are found to be consistently right, your revenues will increase by 33%. How amazing is that?

Ensure that you keep in line with your tonality, your communication, your ethics and values and your mission and vision,  what is your end goal?  I always ask my clients to start with an end goal in mind, to find out where they are right now, and where do they want to be.

Then we need a roadmap to get you there.  Being on camera, being the personality of your brand actually helps you become creative.  I could have done this outside in the rain, but you probably wouldn’t have been able to hear me because it’s quite windy out today, so I’m in the car.

But it helps to be creative and to express who you really are, and show your personality.

Execute some really nifty ways of doing it.  I’ve seen some hoteliers do lots of different reels, which is great.  And I just think the more creative you are, the better engagement you’re going to get.  But remember who you’re doing it for.  It’s your ideal client. It really helps you to know who you need to interact with, your audience, and influence their behaviour to help develop your business further.

Help your ideal clients to actually get out of the pain points or problems that they currently have. You bring this solution and the gains and the pleasure.

So definitely showcase your brand, your unique brand.  Get yourself out there, get on camera.  Let’s see how many lives we can get moving this week, or how many videos you can use to showcase yourself to the outside world.  And remember to really focus on your ideal client.

So, I hope that’s helped.  It’s really important to expose who you are, your personality behind the brand.  And tell people why you do what you do.  It’s really important.

So get yourselves out there!  Let’s see how many in the comments below have done it, just type in “completed” and then a link to it.  I’d love to see them.  That will be amazing.

So, enjoy your Friday.  Happy Friday and a happy weekend, everybody.

As always, I’m here to help and support you at

Take care.

Bye bye

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