Sustainable & Environmental Business Practises #FAQFriday

Happy FAQ Friday.

It is #FAQFriday, and we’re here at Gliski today for the Cumbria Innovation Food and Drink with Fell Brewery.  Tim’s just going in over there.

We’ve got an amazing collaboration that we have been working on for the last year to 18 months to really, really promote food and drink in Cumbria.  So that’s been exciting.

But this week’s frequently asked question has come from a number of organisations.  And this actually ties in with what we’re doing with Cumbria Innovation Food and Drink, with sustainability, innovation, localism.  And it’s really important that businesses get on and actually become more aware of sustainability within the business and their organisation.

So how can you get involved?  How can you be innovative?  How can you be sustainable?  It is a big draw for anybody who is recruiting right now because anybody in GenZ, that’s what they expect; environmentally friendly, sustainable, etc.

So let’s go through your top tips for this week’s #FAQFriday.

Well, you could offer remote work; it’s really difficult in food and beverage, obviously, to have remote working.  But you could do with any businesses that have admin or an external at all.

Provide public transport, commuter benefits, or collaboration in transport.  That’s really important.

The other thing as well is localism, which is what we’re discussing here, and have you got a policy or procedure that you only buy from a 20-mile radius where you can’t?  Or you only work with people within a 20 or 50-mile radius, whatever works for you and your business.

But how can you become more sustainable?  Rather than working with national or international brands?  There’s a client of mine at the moment actually working with a with a non-branded but localism, food supplier and drink supplier, which is amazing.

And use sustainable products.  Do you have sustainable products in everything that you do?  It’s really important that you look at that.  Is it something that you can ensure that all your products are sustainable and environmentally friendly?  And really look at that, the amount of times that I see different elements of that is interesting.

Make use of second-hand finds.  That is important.  See how you can reuse products, how you can actually sustain whatever you’re using on a local way.

Reduce, reuse and recycle; really important.

And path compost.  You know, the amount of food and beverage places have a lot of waste, but it’s great to certainly compost where you can.  And then you use sustainable packaging, which is really important.

It’s getting exciting here now.  So I will have to go very, very shortly.

But also make energy-efficient upgrades within your organisation wherever you can, and ask the experts.  It’s really important.  Use green web hosting services, where you can do business with green businesses, eco-friendly businesses, and sustainability.  And buy carbon offsets, and see what you can do with regard to that.

So there are top tips right now to how to be more sustainable in your business.  Innovate and really look at how you can be more eco-friendly, environmentally friendly.  How you can innovate within your organisation or work together, collaborate and use localism that will really help anyway?

I’ve got to go to Fell brewery, who are right behind me right now.  We are just launching the Cumbria Food and Drink Innovation Forum, which is all about localism, sustainability, collaboration, innovation.  So here we are in Kendal on a grey day.

Anyway, take care.  Happy Friday and happy weekend.  Take care.

Bye bye

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