Guaranteed Increase occupancy & revenue for the winter

Case Study

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  • Property: 6 Bedroom 4 star Bed & Breakfast property in the Lake District.
  • Engaged with AJ Lakes: 6 weeks
  • Amount Spent within 6 weeks: £600.00
  • Return on Investment: approx. a minimum of 20 times within 2 months and it continued to increase plus they started to get viewings and sold their property after being on the market for a considerable amount of time. Increase in Occupancy in 1 month in winter 68% and all were by direct bookings.


  • Guaranteed Increase occupancy & revenue for the winter as usually relies on 3rd party sites but they weren’t converting. 
  • Assistance on looking at how to sell the property to a buyer.
  • Training on social media channels
  • Training on booking engine to get the best out of their system and packages on offer.
  • Guidance on simplifying the website to make it easier for guests to book direct.

Work completed:

  • Completed a full diagnostic Action Plan for the business with easy to follow guidance.
  • Hired a photographer to take updated photographs to use on sale prospectus and  for content on all media channels to drive business direct.
  • Trained the owner how to showcase the business online and how to increase sales immediately and ongoing for sustainability.
  • Introduced revenue management techniques to increase revenue and average room rate whilst increasing occupancy.
  • Designed Social Media Strategy and Schedule and given examples to implement it easily for immediate and ongoing engagement. 

Case Study:

The property was owned and operated by a couple who wanted to retire. They had worked really hard over the years and had lost their motivation as they had been on the market for some time. 

AJ Lakes assisted them in renewing the love for the business, injected motivation, simplified the offer and gave them clear pointers from a “hotel inspectors” point of view and concentrated target sales and marketing to gain the results they required.

Ongoing Assistance:

Rare back up calls and emails when assistance was needed.

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Don’t take my word for it, hear what people in your industry say about Alison & AJ Lakes Consultancy…

“Alison is like the Hotel Inspector but great personality, very knowledgeable about the business and gets to the problem with a practical solution in a no nonsense way. Her ability to remember details and pick the smallest problem up is amazing.

What I liked about her is her actions and solutions were based on reality and, not like many consultants, who propose recommendations that are pie in the sky and completely devoid of reality. That’s because she comes from years of experience working in the hospitality business, so everything is well grounded.”

Philip & Mary Burton, Proprietors, 1 Park Road

“We worked with Alison as members of the LDHA, on the Winter Marketing Campaign for 2016, following on from the floods of Winter 2015, where Alison led the team to pre-empt any negative press, and to present the lakes in a positive light.

She was incredibly professional, very focused and organised, with a clear vision of what was needed, and how to achieve it. The resulting campaign was a masterpiece of organisation in coordinated al the contributing businesses, thank you to Alison. It became the basis for CT’s own Winter campaign. We found her a pleasure to work with.”

Heather James, Marketing Manager. Sharrow Bay, Ullswater

“I worked with Alison on the LDHA Winter Campaign following the Cumbria floods in 2015.

Alison brought enormous enthusiasm to the project, and was able to create buy-in from the Member hotels.

Her local contacts and marketing experience helped us create a multi-faceted campaign which achieved hugely successful exposure for the businesses involved.”

Tim Rumney, Managing Director, Castle Green Hotel

“Alison’s vision enabled her to see her Beatrix Potter film idea through from concept to completion. The success of the film was a credit to her and her commitment to producing this sometimes challenging project.

Her passion for Beatrix Potter and the Lake District shone through throughout all of 2016 as we worked as part of a wider partnership to celebrate the special anniversary year.”

Rona Webster Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator, South Lakes, National Trust

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