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  • Property:- Confidential Purchase of a property with self catering apartments in South Lakes.
  • Engaged with AJ Lakes: 3 months.
  • Amount Spent within 3 months: £6,000
  • Return on Investment: 10 times within 3 months and ongoing increases.


Introduce and implementation of policies and procedures including training and development of owner operators.  Build a solid foundation for the new owners to ensure they reach their goals and objectives whilst having a return on their investment in the purchase.

Work completed:

  • Trained the new owner/operators on how to run and manage their new business to use the reservation system and booking engine.  
  • Introduced procedures, policies and techniques to create an efficient and effective working environment.
  • Completed a full diagnostic Action Plan for the full organisation and continued updates
  • Created a full operating Budget and implemented within the operation including desired goals as they needed finance to refurbish the property on an ongoing basis
  • Created a weekly management reporting system to work with Budget to ensure they exceeded the revenue and profit margins
  • Trained the owners on how to increase sales immediately and ongoing for sustainability.
  • Creating clear job roles for both partners around their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Introduced revenue management techniques to increase revenue and average room rate whilst increasing occupancy for both the property and self catering apartments.
  • Completed the bespoke 3,4,5 words that define what the business is and what is delivered to the outside world.
  • Narrowed down the ideal client for all communications
  • Designed Bespoke Sales and Marketing Strategy and trained the owners how to implement within the operation immediately and ongoing.
  • Designed Social Media Strategy and Schedule and given examples to implement it easily for immediate and ongoing engagement. 
  • Introduced and implemented easy to follow tools, techniques and procedures to gain increased exposure of the property, product, facilities and services and having a unique selling point to set themselves above the large competition within a small radius.
  • Started the guest database and created email marketing campaigns to keep warm and hot clients as ambassadors.
  • Control of Tripadvisor to increase ratings, reviews and ranking from previous owners lack of.
  • Introduced the new owners to ideal contacts within their community to be locally known.

Case Study:

The property was purchased by a couple who, previous to having ownership have never worked in hospitality or tourism before, but knew they wanted to create and enjoy a work life balance within the Lake District. 

The previous owners had closed all rooms out for future bookings and the new owners had no way of knowing how to unlock the issue facing them.

AJ Lakes checked the system and found all payments from the booking engine were being transferred to previous owners. This was changed with the system technical team. 

The system was then re-opened up for reservations. The new owners were then trained in how to manage the system effectively. 

AJ Lakes assisted the couple in creating the solid foundations for their business growth, including coaching and training in all the systems, procedures, job roles to enable the owners to enjoy the work life balance they wanted, and the return on investment they needed.

12 months later

3 bedrooms refurbished, work life balance enjoyed, enjoying annual occupancy of 70% from minimal bookings on takeover. 

Ongoing Assistance:

Annual updates, continually busy.

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Don’t take my word for it, hear what people in your industry say about Alison & AJ Lakes Consultancy…

“Alison is like the Hotel Inspector but great personality, very knowledgeable about the business and gets to the problem with a practical solution in a no nonsense way. Her ability to remember details and pick the smallest problem up is amazing.

What I liked about her is her actions and solutions were based on reality and, not like many consultants, who propose recommendations that are pie in the sky and completely devoid of reality. That’s because she comes from years of experience working in the hospitality business, so everything is well grounded.”

Philip & Mary Burton, Proprietors, 1 Park Road

“We worked with Alison as members of the LDHA, on the Winter Marketing Campaign for 2016, following on from the floods of Winter 2015, where Alison led the team to pre-empt any negative press, and to present the lakes in a positive light.

She was incredibly professional, very focused and organised, with a clear vision of what was needed, and how to achieve it. The resulting campaign was a masterpiece of organisation in coordinated al the contributing businesses, thank you to Alison. It became the basis for CT’s own Winter campaign. We found her a pleasure to work with.”

Heather James, Marketing Manager. Sharrow Bay, Ullswater

“I worked with Alison on the LDHA Winter Campaign following the Cumbria floods in 2015.

Alison brought enormous enthusiasm to the project, and was able to create buy-in from the Member hotels.

Her local contacts and marketing experience helped us create a multi-faceted campaign which achieved hugely successful exposure for the businesses involved.”

Tim Rumney, Managing Director, Castle Green Hotel

“Alison’s vision enabled her to see her Beatrix Potter film idea through from concept to completion. The success of the film was a credit to her and her commitment to producing this sometimes challenging project.

Her passion for Beatrix Potter and the Lake District shone through throughout all of 2016 as we worked as part of a wider partnership to celebrate the special anniversary year.”

Rona Webster Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator, South Lakes, National Trust

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