Surrounding yourself with the right people #FAQFriday

Happy Friday, everybody.  It’s #FAQFriday live from London.

And this week’s frequently asked question has come from lots of businesses who are stuck in a rut, they’re stale, and they’re really looking at what they want to do in the future.

Now I’m very blessed because I’m continuously developing AJ lakes and everything that I do within AJ lakes.  I’m very aware of the strengths and weaknesses within my business and also myself, and it’s really important that you know what they are.

I’m very blessed that right now I’m in London.  I’m actually on a course run by Tony Robbins, going live very shortly and working till 6:30 in the morning, which is incredible because the amount of content and amount of experience and knowledge that’s been given to me right now is un-flippin-believable; very, very blessed.

And it’s incredible because this programme that I’m currently on with Tony Robbins is one that the top FTSE 500 go on.  And that’s what I’m working with.

And you’ve got to look at your proximity in your business; who are you surrounding yourself with?  It’s really important that you understand who, whether they are helping you grow or actually keeping you stale, or actually challenging you in a good way.  A challenge is always good, by the way.  Or being negative and taking you down in your business.

So, really look at what you are surrounding yourself with right now and really think about who is the chokehold in your business, if you’re not growing, if you’re staying where you are, or if you’re going down, or your business isn’t going up.

And you might say, “but, Alison, for crying out loud.  We’re potentially going into recession, and things are really tough at the moment”.

Well, do you know what?  68% of the top FTSE 1000 was built in a recession.  And they are now multi-million, multi-billion pound organisations.

So, it is in a recession that you can actually grow in a really successful business, but you’ve got to know the tools and tips and techniques on how to do that.  And you’ve got to be with the right people at the right time.  And obviously, surround yourself with people who can help and support you.  Really, really be mindful of that.

But ask yourself some questions.  Who is the chokehold of your business?  What’s an area that you’re struggling with right now?  And what can you do to change that?  Who do you know?  Who has been able to successfully change that within their business?  And can you go and speak to those people?

Do you know a consultant or coach who has longevity in their business?  I see lots of business coaches out there right now who are doing a great job, but do question, do your due diligence.  Have they been in business a long time?

I’m very blessed.  I’ve been in business over 35 years now, and I’m continuously pushing the boundaries and helping to support businesses to add at least six figures.  Potentially, there will be more coming very shortly, within six months.

You’ve got to look at your business and got to look at yourself, some of the top FTSE 100 have really looked at the CEO in the business, and if they’ve not got the strength that’s needed to be the CEO in that business, they’ve actually hired a new CEO.  Been the owner of the business but actually hired it.

But really look at what your strengths are.  What are your weaknesses?  Who do you know or who can help you to turn those weaknesses into strengths?  That is so vital.

So, I hope that’s helped, and I think it’s really important that you ask yourself, what’s an area that you struggled with in the past because a lot of people get stuck and say, “I can’t do this” because fear kicks in, limiting beliefs, or blocks.

My ‘Smashing your Goals Workshop’, which is coming very shortly.  Please do come if you really need to smash your goals this year; new content is being added all the time right now.  Because this will be a game changer for you this year, it will make a positive difference or your money back.  Simple as that.  Because I don’t want anybody not to succeed in this, I want people to achieve.  And I want people to really make a difference in 2023, no matter what’s going on in the outside world.

So, really look at the areas that you struggled with in the past.  What triggered you to make a change?  And also, what made it possible?

What is your life like?  Or what is your business like as a result of that change?

And look at that, what did you do?  Use those tools and do what you did to change the change now if you want to do it on your own; it’s really important.

So I hope that’s helped.  Happy Friday, everybody.  I better go because I am going online now.  And may I wish you a great happy Friday and a happy weekend.

Take care.  All the best.

Bye bye

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