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Happy Friday, everybody.

It’s #FAQFriday live from my vehicle.   And Happy New Year.  I hope you’ve had a really great festive period and you are all ready to smash your goals for 2023.  How exciting is that?

But this week’s frequently asked question has come from a number of organisations and businesses who have been asking about how to conduct a wellness audit on your workplace, or how to help and support you and your team on wellness within the workplace because lots of people have had some difficult challenges in the last few months; in the last few years actually.

So, I’m actually going to help and support you to actually get organised to conduct a wellness audit on your workplace.

So what do we have to do?  Well, you’ve got to examine key aspects of your health, safety, wellbeing, mental health, culture, and provide evidence-based outcomes for your business or your organisation, and develop your overall approach to wellbeing.

So this is really important.  You are probably wondering, what does all that mean?

Well, realistically, there’s a lot of health and safety audits out there, but it’s also adding in your culture.  Your culture is a big thing.  If your culture does not have anything about wellbeing, health or mental health at all, then that is a big no, no.  You’ve got to add it in.  You’ve got to make sure that your culture is really hot, and supports your team and you along the way.  And that you have the processes and policies in place and procedures in place that help and support people to know what to do and when to do it.

So that’s how to conduct a wellness audit on your workplace.  As in, that’s what you’ll get out of it by examining the key aspects of all of those areas health, safety, wellbeing, mental health, and make sure that culture is in there.

But make sure that you have a structural path for continual growth in this area.

It’s really important that you do not just have the same policies and procedures in place; you’ve got to continually test them, test them, test them, test them.  Keep training on it, keep making sure that you’re at the top of your game with it, keep checking them and do that for the whole of your business, including yourself across the whole of your business, and make improvements towards best practice.

And how do you do all that?  Well, you’ll already have documents in place for health and safety or a wellbeing management document.  So review it all.  Is that current?  Is that up to date?  Is that futuristic?  Is that sustainable?  Is that something that you can work towards?  Is it something that people understand and get?

Make sure that you are reviewing it all the time; have someone responsible for overseeing that documentation, but make sure that it is communicated throughout the whole of your organisation, not just with the person responsible

Interview your management team and any other stakeholders in your business.  The leadership, the commitment to your health and wellbeing culture, check on the ethics and values within your organisation, and the culture is key on this; your philosophy of what you are about.

Do you live and breathe your ethics and values and your culture?  Do you actually do that?  Does the whole organisation do the same?  Check it, examine it, review it all the time.  Plan it, implement it, and then check on the performance and then monitor it along the way.

Reviewing is key, not just on a yearly basis or as a tick-box experience.  It’s not to be a tick-box experience.  It’s got to be a consistent review, check and be constructive.

Constructive criticism is really important because that will help you grow and develop along the way, looking at the challenges that you’re facing.  And then see how you can overcome those challenges and how you can learn from them.  And make it the same throughout the whole team as well.

And then hold interviews of all your stakeholders like your management, your team’s leadership, and any stakeholders that’s involved in your organisation, you freelance people, anybody who’s working in your organisation, do a post interview summary from that and make sure that you summarise everybody’s comments, everybody’s interview questions and answers.  Because what you’ll find is there’ll be golden nuggets in there to help and support you to be better at what you’re doing in your organisation.

So, really look at the post-interview summary of what people are brought up because you might find that there is a lot of repeat answers to certain things that might make you feel uncomfortable, but that’s a good thing because it’ll help you grow even further.

And do it as a verification exercise; verify each of the answers to the interview questions and make sure that they are confidential, that people can talk openly that they’re not just saying just what you want to hear.  So, really look at that.

So plan, plan, what you want your culture to be like, plan what your aspects of health, safety, well being, mental health and culture are what it provides for you in your organisation.

And then do it, live and breathe it, check it, review it all the time, check everybody else communicates regularly, making sure that everybody is living and breathing exactly what your wellness audit has come back with.

Make sure then that you set the procedures in place and actually take action and act on it.

So, why is it important?  Well, it’s like anything, awareness right at the beginning of anything that you do.  And for me, I’m a results-focused consultant, coach and trainer.  So I’m obsessed with it.  Awareness is where you are right now.

And then the massive key is to look at how you’ve improved each day, to grow to where you want to be.  So, always be aware of where you are right now and have a goal where you want to achieve it by and when.  Make it SMART and then actually look at how you’re improving each day, how the culture is improving in your organisation, and you might be surprised.  Have a really happy, healthy, exciting culture for your health and safety, wellbeing and mental health.

Then your wellbeing and culture becomes unstoppable!  And that’s what 2023 is going to bring for you, unstoppable excitement of achieving your goals and exceeding your own expectations.

So I hope that’s helped.  It’s #FAQFriday, on the sixth of January, 2023.  May I wish you all an amazing year of abundance of health, wealth, happiness and joy.  And as always, I’m here to help and support you along the way, Alison@ajlakes.com.

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All the very best, and happy Friday.  Happy weekend!

Take care.

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